Hope Pickup clothing donations support Southern California Teen Challenge!

"…offering hope and healing for those with life-controlling problems
since 1963." -Teen Challenge of Southern California

Donating 101

Why donate to charity? Donating to charity is a positive experience for all individuals and organizations involved. Donating clothes, tools, household goods, kitchen items, toys, etc. to charities such as Teen Challenge, can not only provide less fortunate people with much needed everyday items, but also raise money to fund programs for struggling teens.

The Basics of Donating Unwanted Items

How to donate to charity is simple. First, please visit the Acceptable Donations page to familiarize yourself with the assortment of goods that Hope Pick Up accepts. Second, double check the Service Area page to make sure Hope Pick Up comes to your neighborhood. Third, gather unwanted items around your house, garage, shed and yard. Then, simply schedule a free donation pick up on the Hope Pick Up website.

Your unwanted items will then be picked up for free by the Hope Pick Up truck at your convenience and in return you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your goods. Once your household donations have been picked up, your clutter will be gone and your charitable donations will start helping others in need!

Why donate to charity?

Hope Pick Up makes donating to charity simple, effective, and helpful. Start gathering unwanted items around your home today and schedule your free donation pick up with Hope Pick Up. The sooner you schedule a donation pick up, the sooner you’ll be rid of the unwanted clutter in your home, and your clothing donations and household good donations can improve the lives of less fortunate members of your community!