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Fun Ways to Repurpose Dishes

Have you been feeling inspired to do something with some old teacups and saucers, and maybe some old mismatched dishes too, but don’t have enough of them to really make anything happen?

Time to go to the thrift store! For not a lot of money you’ll be able to find just what you’re looking for and more. Here are some really fun ideas for projects to be thinking about when you’re there:

  • Make teacup candles! Click here for a really great tutorial.
  • Do your own version of the infamous teacup lamp from Anthropologie. Here’s one that cost only $21 to make! 
  • Use plates in a collage as wall art! With a little creativity and some design sense you can fill up an entire wall with them if you want! Click here for an example.
  • Make a teacup and saucer planter. Click here for a great tutorial for making a planter out of a teapot.  Succulents are great for teacups and teapots because you don’t have to drill any holes.
  • Break up those dishes and make a mosaic! With mosaic you can do just about anything from making a picture to covering a pot or even an entire chair. The possibilities are endless and broken dishes are great materials to use.
  • Make a teacup chandelier. Here’s a modern twist using teacups and pendant light kits from Ikea.
  • And of course there’s the possibility to create a gorgeous table setting for your next special dinner party. Mix and match by color and size and have fun! 

Happy dish hunting!