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How to Help Those Affected by Natural Disasters

When national disasters strike, such as the recent tornado that hit Oklahoma City, the general reaction of people across the country is to want to donate whatever they can to help out. Although it is a wonderful impulse to want to give things that you think people will need, it turns out that donations of clothes and household items, as opposed to monetary donations, are unfortunately not as helpful as they may seem.

According to an article appearing in the Seattle Times by Associated Press writer Sean Murphy, the former of these types of donations have been pouring in from around the country, which has resulted in an overflow of things that people don’t really need. People who have lost their homes actually have no place to put anything, and with all of the stuff that’s been donated recently, the work of sorting through all of it has become overwhelming. Although the outpouring of love and support reflected in all of the donations received is so appreciated, it turns out that what is most needed is money, not donations of things we can’t use anymore.

So, the lesson here is that when we want to donate the clothes, shoes, household items, stuffed animals, and sporting equipment that we no longer need or use, the best option is to donate to local charities.