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Keeping Textiles Out of Landfills

Did you know that a staggering 10 million tons of textile waste goes into landfills every single year?!!

This accounts for a whopping 5% of all landfill production. The thing is that 90% of all of that can easily be recycled in a variety of ways, which would reduce the impact on an already seriously suffering environment.

There is a huge demand for textiles to recycle. 35% of all textile waste goes out as used clothing, 33% as reprocessed fibers that become filler in insulation, upholstery and vehicle seats, and 25% is converted to cloth wipes. Only 7% goes to landfill.

What can we do?

There’s the obvious solution of donating unwanted clothing and textiles to charitable organizations, and most of them will even accept unwearable clothing as well, which they will then send out to be reprocessed. Otherwise, we can have a yard sale or pass on our old clothes as handmedowns to friends and family. Much of my own wardrobe comes right from my sister and I have to say that some of what I get from her are the coolest things I own. Another super fun thing to do is to set up a clothing exchange where you invite all of your friends over and have them bring whatever they don’t wear or use anymore. It becomes like a dress up party and everyone walks away with something new and fun. Other possibilities are cutting up our old clothes and using them as rags, or cutting them up to make new things. I have an artist friend who makes wallets and bow ties out of only old clothes from thrift stores, and they are quite cool.

So let’s get a little creative with our old things.

At the very least, all we really have to do is to donate our things to charities. It may take a little time, but the benefits of doing so far outweigh the consequences of simply throwing our things in the trash.