Hope Pickup clothing donations support Southern California Teen Challenge!

"…offering hope and healing for those with life-controlling problems
since 1963." -Teen Challenge of Southern California

Spring Cleaning = Helping Troubled Teens

Have you done your spring cleaning yet?


Well, if not then it’s time for a little early summer cleaning instead! Teen challenge of Southern California needs your charitable donations today, and taking some time to clear through your closets, kitchen and garage will not only free up more space in your environment, but it will also help provide funding to help teenagers to live happier and more productive lives.

I know, it can be overwhelming to sort through and get rid of unwanted things, but once you do it you’ll be so glad you did. Since I like to cook, I always start in the kitchen so I can free up cupboard space. Didn’t you just buy some new cookware? Well, now’s the perfect time to get rid of those old pots and pans you never use, or that old crockpot, coffee machine or blender. If you haven’t gotten replacements already, here’s your chance to reenergize your kitchen!

The next best place to tackle might be your garage. What about that sporting equipment that’s been ignored for ten years? Or those old lamps or furniture? Perhaps you’ve replaced some power tools recently and still have the old ones? Any of these things would make wonderful charitable donations.

Now it’s time for your closets! What’s that rule? If you haven’t worn it for a year then chances are you’ll never wear it again? Well, here’s your chance to clear all of those things out of your life and to revamp your wardrobe with some fun new summer colors! It’s the perfect reward for knowing that your donations will have gone to such a good cause.

Finally, double check the Acceptable Donations List and then Schedule a Donation Pick Up with Hopepickup.org! Hope Pickup will pick up all of your Teen Challenge donations for free! A great reward for all of your hard work.