Hope Pickup clothing donations support Southern California Teen Challenge!

"…offering hope and healing for those with life-controlling problems
since 1963." -Teen Challenge of Southern California

Top Ten Reasons to Donate Your Items

10 Reasons to Donate to Charity: 

  1. Because you can!
  2. Someone else could use your donated items more than you
  3. Donating goods is recycling at its finest
  4. Clutter is exhausting and can be debilitating
  5. Your clutter can be someone’s treasure!
  6. Tax credits
  7. Finally a chance to get organized
  8. It will make you feel good
  9. Donating is a great way to teach your kids to let go and help others
  10. Your donations will help raise money for Teen Challenge and assist their efforts in supporting troubled teens

Learn How Donations Help the Community

There are many reasons to donate to charity and Hope Pick Up makes it so easy. Simply schedule a donation pick up for free. Visit the Teen Challenge page to learn how charity helps and makes a difference in your community.